As members of the ISEKI_Food‐4 project “Towards the innovation of the food chain through the modernisation of Food studies” (2012-2014) an Erasmus Thematic Network funded by the European Commission, we would like to bring together all PhD students in Food Science, and related areas, from across the world by means of this virtual PhD platform. Our goals are:  
  • To create an opportunity for young scientists to interact with experienced food scientists, research institutions and global food producers
  • To improve networking
  • To contribute to the development of students personal and professional skills
  • To provide training and career opportunities for  PhD students in Food Science and Technology
  • To promote conferences, seminars, webinars and forums
  • To share best practices on report writing and presentations,…
  • To create a global database of colleagues in similar research areas.
A change in the European guidelines has allowed the development of interdisciplinary training and transferable skills, with the necessity to overlap the needs of the wider employment market. All of these are challenges for a website targeted towards Food Science PhD students. Do you want to join us?   Objectives of the PhD platform
  • The Third cycle degree is moving progressively towards a more “industry oriented” approach. In this sense, the academic and stakeholder must collaborate to implement the education and training of the current PhD researcher by enhancing communication skills, technology transfer and decision making abilities. The added value of the doctorate must be fully recognized and efficiently used by companies by hiring properly skilled scientists as professionals and executive managers.
  • The main objective of this virtual platform for PhD students is to favour the PhD-job market interaction as well as to satisfy the learning and training requirements of our PhD students.
Chelo Gonzalez ( Catedratica del departamento de Tecnologia de Alimentos Universidad Politecnica de Valencia Camino de Vera s/n 46022 Valencia España Gabriela Iordachescu ( Dunarea de Jos University Romania


International standards for food study programmes

08-10 July 2010, Nicosia, Cyprus

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