Membership is open to any individual person or legal entity, such as educational institutions, research institutes, universities, professional bodies, industrial companies or organisations. Admission is determined by the ISEKI-Board.

Advantages of individual membership

All individual members..

  • are entitled to a 25% discount on all Springer books
  • have the right to participate in public meetings and events of the Association and to make motions
  • will get reduced fees for events organized by the Association
  • can use the services of the Association, like assistance in establishing quality assurance systems, assistance in qualification of courses and curricula, finding partners for projects etc. for free or reduced fees
  • can regularly receive a e-newsletter on recent developments
  • can use the databases (on experts, teaching materials, teaching facilities, etc.) provided by the Association for free
  • can use the teaching materials developed by the Association for free

Advantages of institutional /company membership

All institutional members..

  • are entitled to advantages of individual members plus 
  • Get 5 INDIVIDUAL accounts for the ISEKI website (including the one you already have). If you are not sure how many logins you have already, just contact us. The procedure for additional applications is very easy, just tell your colleagues to apply as Institutional member on our website and a login will be received within a few days. Please fill in all required fields especially the institution. Without a login you have only limited access to our website.
  • Use the “ISEKI e-learning Platform” for FREE. All your employees can attend existing courses and create new courses for their students, if these courses are also free to be used by other ISEKI-Food members. Additional registration at the e-learning platform is necessary by writing an email to
    • Use “ISEKI-Webinarsfor FREE to broadcast presentations and discuss food related topics, also in your national language. Invitations can be sent by yourself or by us to our 10.000 subscribers worldwide. Just return the filled in “application form-W” at
    • Use “ISEKI-Online-Meetings”. This service will be for FREE for 2 meetings/webconferences per year. For additional meetings an administration fee of 50€ will be charged. This tool (GoToMeeting, allows high quality audio and video streaming and screen sharing for up to 20 persons, also free dial in by phone from many countries is possible. Just return the filled in “application form-O” at
  • Get a FREE ISEKI-Endorsement for one conference per year, if you mention on your conference website “endorsed by ISEKI” with a link from our logo to our website: 2 special mailings (date to be determined by you) to more than 10.000 subscribers of our e-news; including the event in our event calendar and newsletter. Non members have to pay for these services.
  • Use 2 mailings per year for FREE to more than 10.000 subscribers of our e-news.
  • Get discounts on Scientific Event Management and assistance in conference organisation: the following services can be used on a modular basis: online-registration, invoicing, website hosting and maintenance, promotion material (leaflets, posters, roll-ups), finding venues, scientific support: finding speakers, review of abstracts, book of abstracts, etc.

Become a Member!

If you want to sign-up for membership, please use the SIGN-UP FORM. Membership can be terminated by written notice preferably before the end of the year.

Membership fees per year

  Individual Membership  EUR 50  
  Individual Student Membership (PhD included)  EUR 25  
  Institutional Membership (Educational Institution, Associations)  EUR 200 
  Legal Entity/Compny up to 100 employees  EUR 250 
  Legal Entity/Company from 100 to 500 employees  EUR 300 
  Legal Entity/Company over 500 employees  EUR 1200 



International standards for food study programmes

08-10 July 2010, Nicosia, Cyprus

Pool of experts will be created

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